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Can a state be virtuous? : Muslim political theories, then and now
Caring for creation : religious faith and the challenge of building a sustainable world
Christians and the so-called state (we are in) : a meditation on loyalty after September 11, 2001
Ecofeminism : symbolic and social connections between the oppression of women and the domination of nature
Evolving Jewish views of Jesus
In the combat zone over American values : the vision of one America versus the vision of many Americas
Jerusalem : the contested inheritance
Jesus and the Dead Sea scrolls : what do we know after fifty years?
Martin & Malcolm & America : a dream or a nightmare
No free pass : an apocalyptic call for prophetic witness in the Book of Revelation
Re-viewing religion
Religion and religions : the challenge of living in a multi-religious world
Religiopolis : beyond the secular city
Satan in the New Testament Gospels
Searching for Shangri-La
Sexual masquerades in the Hebrew Bible : Rachel and Tamar
The archaeology of Jesus in Jerusalem
The banality of evil : the darkness at the center
The making and meaning of Schindler's list
The question of the book : religion as texture